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employment law attorneys, employment law consultant, employment law consulting, human resource consulting, human resource consultants, san diego ca
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LMRC serves small, medium and large businesses and organizations in a wide variety of industries. We serve employers and business professionals who recognize the value of having attorneys and management consultants available to them on a daily basis at an affordable cost. Our clients say we are the best human resource consulting firm, the best employment law consulting firm, the best management consulting firm and the best training firm in San Diego! 

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Law and Management Resource Center is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

​...because education and information help prevent litigation and promote success in an organization


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How are we different from those who try to compete with us? It's simple. Our employment law and human resource services are provided by in-house, licensed employment law attorneys who are also experienced human resource executives. Help with business management needs is fulfilled with the additional expertise and knowledge of an MBA consultant.

LMRC is unique in that our approach and the information and counseling we provide stem from a composite of experience in litigation, business and MBA consulting, human resources and education. This experience allows us to understand the business side, as well as the legal side, of workplace issues and business management concerns. The educational backgrounds of our consultants, including juris doctor (JD), MBA, Master in Education Administration and the specialized field of Human Complex Systems enable us to develop and offer especially beneficial training programs on topics relating to business and employment law, human resources and business management. Our consultants provide practical business solutions that take into consideration both legal compliance and business realities, and our programs provide clear information and strategies that can be used in the workplace on a daily basis. Through dedicated service, we help our clients succeed in properly managing their workforces. We are a trusted source of information.


The Law and Management Resource Center (LMRC) is a unique business and employment law, human resource and business management consulting and training firm. The focus of our firm is helping businesses, schools and other organizations grow and succeed while minimizing their legal risks and building productive, dedicated workforces. Rated the number one employment law consulting firm, the number one human resource consulting firm, and the number one management consulting firm in San Diego, we provide a variety of services, including consulting plans that include helpline services, training and educational programs. We work with business owners, executives, supervisors, managers and human resource professionals to prepare them to succeed in properly managing business and employment related issues. This helps prevent costly lawsuits that can threaten the profitability and reputation of a business or organization and the careers of its leaders. For more information on our services, visit our Services page. 


Our consultants are experienced and motivated, results-oriented leaders with proven records of success. 
While our attorneys possess years of courtroom experience, our goal is to keep our clients out of court through strategic counseling, education and information. 

Recognizing that a positive work environment promotes enhanced morale and increased productivity, our management programs are designed to provide the knowledge and strategies that are essential for effective management of employees. 

Our services help employers and workplace leaders comply with the myriad of business and employment laws and regulations, understand their responsibilities, avoid workplace disputes and satisfy legitimate employee expectations. Law and Management Resource Center succeeds by helping its clients succeed.

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