​​· Meal and Rest Breaks 
· Timekeeping
· Punctuality and Attendance
· Holidays

· Vacation and Paid Time Off

· Paid Sick Time              
· Leaves of Absence
· Benefits 
· Disabilities and Accommodation 
· Workers' Compensation
· Performance Management 

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Our lawyers are experienced, licensed attorneys who have both courtroom and boardroom experience. They are also experienced human resource executives who have years of experience in developing and implementing policies and practices that make sense for businesses while complying with the law. This unique combination of experience provides clients with an especially knowledgeable and strategic team of experts!

If you are looking for practical Employment Law Consulting on any of the following topics, you can be confident that we have the best team of experts to help you and your business!


· Pre-Employment Issues

· Employee vs. Independent Contractor
· Discrimination
· Equal Employment Opportunity
· At Will Employment       
· Wage and Hour

· Expense Reimbursement 
· Job Duties and Responsibilities
· Employment Classifications                                 
· Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Classification

· Dress Code and Personal Appearance 

Our rates are affordable and our services are reliable!


We offer two affordable options for all year consultation. Clients receive the information they need and answers to their questions - with no hourly fees and no restrictions on the number of times they can call or write for help. For more information about our consultation plans and how we can help your organization, please visit our Consultation Plans page. You can also visit our HR Toolkit for helpful information about required human resource notices and posters, forms, employment laws and federal and state agencies.

We offer several employment law related certificate and training programs. Courses may be taken as part of a complete curriculum or individually. Please visit our Education and Events pages for more information. 


A properly drafted employee handbook benefits both employers and employees. An employee handbook should provide clear information on legally required policies, rules, benefits, procedures and more. Our employee handbook services are provided by licensed employment law attorneys. Our clients benefit from knowing that their employee handbook provides the legally required information for their size business and policies that make sense for their business!

Our attorneys also draft and review employment related documents. Visit our Employee Handbook and Document Drafting page.

For more information, contact us at (833) 753-1775 or info@lmrcenter.com

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Employment Law Consulting Services San Diego, CA

​​​· Harassment and Workplace Bullying

· Workplace Violence and Safety

· Confidentiality

· Employer and Employee Property

· Use of Technology

· Social Media

· Prohibited Conduct
· Privacy Issues

· Investigations   
· Discipline

· Layoffs and Termination 

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