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If you own or manage a small business, you need to know the laws. If you supervise employees, you need to know the laws.

We know you’re busy, so we created this easy to read summary. No legalese – just clear, easy to understand facts in a concise outline format.

The information contained in this guide is invaluable for employees of all levels – current members of the management team of an organization seeking to effectively manage a workforce in a legally compliant manner and individuals seeking essential basic knowledge about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Being a good interviewer requires skill and knowledge – because hiring the right employees can be complicated. Complex legal issues surround the pre-employment process. Recruiters and hiring agents should have clear answers to a number of questions before beginning an interview, and they must know what types of questions to ask and what should never be asked.

In this manual you will learn what to look for in a candidate’s resume and application. You will also learn about the types of candidates you should anticipate meeting and how to identify and understand them. Learning to identify personality traits in interviewees and understanding how different traits can help predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in a position are critical aspects of the interview process – and successful recruiting and hiring.

Learn tips to identify truths and deceptions and other techniques to help you select not only a good candidate, but the best candidate.

The purpose of this manual is to help you keep your workplace free from harassment, discrimination and other forms of inappropriate behavior.  

You will learn about the duties and responsibilities of business owners, executives, supervisors, HR professionals and all employees in the workplace. Being informed and educated about your responsibilities and the types of behavior that are not acceptable in the workplace can help you protect yourself, your co-workers, your career and your workplace. Most employees know what kind of behavior is clearly inappropriate.

Through this manual you will learn that some types of behavior often believed to be acceptable can, in fact, lead to claims of harassment and discrimination. It's important to know what to do and what to expect if a claim is filed against you or someone in your workplace.

The information you will learn in this guide is important because just one claim can destroy a career, interfere with your personal life and cause irreparable harm to a business.


Performance management is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked aspects of management, yet it is one of the most important aspects of every supervisor and manager’s job.

Supervisors have the responsibility to recognize and reinforce good performance and to identify and encourage improvement where needed. They play a critical role in the growth and success of both their employees and their employer. Creating and developing a plan for success for employees will enable a supervisor and his/her employer to be a successful team. Supervisors should consider themselves to be the coach of their team of employees, too. Effectively communicating expectations and requirements, clearly setting performance standards, observing, providing feedback, and conducting accurate and timely evaluations are key requirements for successful coaching and effective management – and success in business.

We will explore the importance of performance management, what managing performance really means, why the typical annual performance appraisal process often fails and how to actually manage performance in your organization. Interestingly, and surprisingly, it’s actually fairly easy to do if you heed the tips and follow the simple process provided in this manual!


Studies show that nearly 75% of the population suffers from the fear of public speaking. In fact, several studies on human behavior found public speaking to be the number one fear suffered by individuals! There is no reason this needs to be the case and our presentation skills coaching can help you both overcome any fear you may have of public speaking and also make you a better presenter. So, stop feeling anxious and start feeling excited!

Our step-by-step Presentation Skills: An Essential Guide to Public Speaking is an effective way to become a better, more professional, and more confident presenter. It can help you with everything from public speaking and interviews to meetings and sales pitches. No matter what size your audience, our guide can help you get over your fears to look and feel more confident. It's especially perfect for supervisors, managers, and anyone in marketing and sales making it great for both long term preparation and a quick reference. This 12 step guide includes helpful information, 32 examples, and quick tips. 

Our SmartGuides are available both separately and bundled together, at a discounted price. Contact us at (833) 753-1775 or today for more information and to decide which guides are right for you!

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The Law and Management Resource Center knows you're busy, and wants to help you be able to get the information you need as quickly as possible. The following five guides are part of our SmartGuide series and are meant to help business owners, supervisors, managers and human resource professionals understand and resolve daily workplace issues and advance in their careers.

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